Electrical Professionals in Oakville

Canadian Electrical Services provides dependable and safe electrical repair for your home or office building. Our company prides itself on our highly qualified Certified Electricians. They will work hard to troubleshoot your electrical problems, upgrade the amp service in your building, and install or maintain the electrical system for your pool or hot tub.

We provide many services to Oakville's residential and commercial areas; from tackling the wiring job for your commercial communications department to machinery wiring for industrial electric motors. Same day service is available, as well as 24-hour emergency service.

At Canadian Electrical Services, our qualified electricians will survey your building to ensure it is up to code prior to initiating any work. Did you know that electrical fires are 50% more likely to occur in buildings with aluminum wiring? We can rewire all your circuits to copper and can also install co/air and arc-fault breakers to reduce fire hazards if rewiring is not a good option for you.

It will be our pleasure to answer all your questions. All our jobs are guaranteed to satisfy your requirements and each project is insured to give our clients further peace of mind. Call us today for a free, no obligation estimate.

Master Electrician
ESA 7002613
Licensed & Insured